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Radiant Cooling

Radiant cooling has come a long way and now it's time to think about getting rid of your forced air system designs. With radiant cooling you can avoid the typical installation problems experienced with large ducts and air handling. 

These systems are designed and intended to be an integrated part of the structure and to be felt but not seen.

Think of what you could do with your designs if you could get away from accommodating air ducts and large volume air handling.


There are three basic designs for radiant cooling.

1) Ceiling installation capillary mats.

2) Drop ceiling aluminum panels.

3) Shared heating and cooling in floor installations.

The idea is to install the cooling in the ceiling and the heating in the floor but in those situations where you only want to install in the floor the system can be designed to heat and cool from the floor, however, it is preferred to heat from the floor and cool from the ceiling.

Enjoy the photos and call us if you have any questions.